Behind the scenes images and videos are permitted however please keep in mind that none of the BTS images should show the final looks and if in doubt can be approved by our PR & Social Media department. If posts do go up, we reserve the right to ask you kindly to delete any images or videos that we do not see fit or show too much of the end result before our official release/submissions to magazines.

When on set with clients other then Society Row please send content to  The more great content, the more great exposure.

*all  BTS content from projects outside should be sent to the agency. The more exposure the better for you as a well and we also like to network and promote the other talents participating on these projects. 


When posting photos or videos on any social platform please be mindful of what you post as you are representing the company, the brand, your colleagues and yourself. We do reserve the right to ask you to delete/take down certain posts if we feel that it is not a good fit. We will be auditing your accounts frequently. Please do not take these requests personally as they are done with careful thought and consideration for you and your brand as a whole.

Additional Personal Pages- Please keep in mind having another Instagram page may not be the best option. When clients search for you this page content will  pop up and appear in the search. We highly suggest for content you wish a certain audience to see you that does not fit your brand you create SnapChat accounts. Snapchat accounts names should not reflect your actual name just to ensure when clients are searching this platform this content does not appear.

Also, please remember when posting to tag @society.row and creatives involved. Its simply good etiquette when it comes to social media. Furthermore, start using your personal hashtag (#yourname) along with the hashtags: #societyrow #joinsociety on your posts.


Society Row requires a minimum of two weeks turn around time to release photos, however this timeline varies per campaign. No talent will be allowed to post pictures from a particular shoot until you receive permission from Society Row to do so. We want to uphold the integrity of the shoot, company and various creatives as well as you, we want to ensure that campaigns are released accordingly. Once photos are released we will notify you and send you your photos from the shoot, which at that point you may post them on your social media channels and etc.