Are you an artist, brand, designer or business? Our services & memberships are geared to help emerging and established brands with more cost effective options to develop content.

What We Do

Content Creation  All clients receive countless opportunities to work with SocietyROW creatives such as photographers, stylist, hairstylists, makeup artist, videographers and etc. to create whatever content is desired and needed. The Society Row staff works around the clock to help produce an image for each artist through multiple avenues such as Covers, Videos, Photoshoots, Campaigns, LookBooks, Social Media and much more.

Branding- Directors work individually with each client through consultations to make sure your goals are being met. Through these short consultations we help master what’s needed for the overall success, image of your brand and how to take your brand to the next level.

Networking- Using our distinctive platform we help each client connect with brands, organizations, companies, brand ambassadors, agents, casting directors & other industry professionals. Through these opportunities we are able to help establish relationships to help advance your career and/or create more content.

Visibility - Opportunities to be featured on our page through the advertising options is just one way we help you gain the exposure needed. Through various media platforms such as instagram, youtube, facebook and linkedin, SocietyROW helps promote your brand. We work together to create a game plan to implement these new ideas, such as layout, captions wording etc.\


Step 1: Fill out the appropriate form.

Step 2: Clients will receive a call within one business day from completing. If you miss the call please free to give us a call back anytime between 12p and 6p Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Phone: 9178307517

Step 3: After your phone consultation, clients will receive a production sheet with the location, time, weather, and list of creatives. Included in this email you will receive your contract as well as a link to your first payment. The contract must be signed & first payment is due in order for your booking to be confirmed.

Step 4: Upon receiving the email, client must confirm you have received this email.

Step 5: Clients will receive a final production sheet one week prior to the production date with all the final details via text. The time frame of receiving this information depends on when your booking was made.

Step 6: Show up to set 📸

Productions can run from 2.5 hours up to 7 hours depending on which service or membership you book.

Payment Plans

payment plans available

Options start out as low as $50.

We accept master-card debit, visa debit, PayPal, money transfers & bank transfers. 

Payment plans at SocietyROW must be paid weekly or bi-weekly on Saturdays, if you choose an installment option.

To find out more about any of these options, chat with a brand agent. Brand agents are available by clicking the message icon on the bottom right.

Payment Options

At SocietyROW we have two payment options available:

  1. weekly

  2. bi-weekly

Payments are made via PayPal through a link we provide once your project has been confirmed. You will have a choice of selecting which payment you'd prefer in the initial first email after your phone consultation and on the contract as well.

Payment plans/Installment options can be switched. In order to change your payment option please inform us via email at row@societyrow.us at least 14 days prior.

Image Release

Image & Video Release: all members must complete video release form. Images will be released on or before 21 days from the scheduled project. 


Cancellation: (a) Each project will require a Booking Form, on receipt of the booking form, SocietyROW will send an email as confirmation. Once your first installment or payment is paid, booking will then be considered Confirmed. (b) As a result, once a booking is Confirmed. Refunds are only applicable within 7 days. There is no refunds on payments outside of the 7 day period but an exchange of services can be made. Exchange of services- are the same as Rescheduling. (c) In the event of an emergency, the client may cancel and transfer their production to another session with SocietyROW within 15 days. In the event that client must cancel their attendance, they have the option to reschedule or find another individual to take their spot for the session. All session rates are immediately applied to your fees. All contributing parties in your session are employees of SocietyROW (including makeup artist, hair stylist, models, wardrobe stylist, designers, assistants, etc.)

  1. Late Fees- notifying us about cancellations/no show under 72 hours will result in a late fee of $35. Late Fees will be due no later than 14 days past the the scheduled project

  2. You may reschedule once per cancellation

Creative You May Know ?

Bringing a creative? Interesting in bringing part of your crew or a creative you may know? Sure.

Does pricing differ if you decide to bring your crew or creative? No, SocietyROW offers affordable pricing that typically beats most of our competitors in the NYC market. These affordable packages and services come in monthly, bi weekly and weekly payments. Both these options provide the client with affordable options to pay over a period of time.

Contact Us

Interested in moving forward feel free to complete one the following quick consultation forms.

Once we've receive your form someone from our staff will be in touch within one business day.

  1. societyrow.us/artistsessions

  2. societyrow.us/brandsessions

  3. societyrow.us/designermembership

Further Assistance

If you need immediate help or any additional questions answered click the help option on the bottom right and a staff member will get to you asap.