1. Designated Agency Director
  2. Casting, job audition, and collaboration research/outreach
  3. Workshops
  4. Organization of photoshoots
  5. Consultations Style, branding , skin, nutrition etc
  6. Media Branding 
  7. Online Portfolio
  8. Exposure via company website and social media
  9. Access to Society Row Glam Team (Stylist, Makeup Artist, Photographers, Video-graphers, Hairstylist etc.)
  10. In-House Projects such as Shoots, Reels, Videos and etc. 
  11. Comp Cards as needed
  12. Promotional/Network Events
  13. Exposure via Company Events



The fashion world runs on fast forward, and the Modeling Agency Director at Society Row is in charge of keeping everything functioning. Our Agency Directors oversee talent at Society Row. They are train and hires our talent to clients such as photographers, makeup artist, designers, casting directors, brands and etc. They are heavily responsible for helping to develop each talent. The Agency directors are here to share their knowledge, experience and skills with Society Row talent to ensure they are getting the best advise, education and jobs that are most suitable and appropriate. The Agency Directors help build a brand for yourself and share your creative vision with the world through carefully chosen projects. They seek to inspire, guide and brand each talent into household names.



A casting is a visual interview where the model must present his or herself in front of a client or casting director. Even if a client has seen your pictures they still meet in person to be sure that the pictures are a recent representation of how you currently look and to make sure you skin condition etc. is the same.


A Go-See, for the most part, is exactly what it sounds like, an appointment to Go See a client. It is an opportunity for the client to see all the new faces as they get ready for particular projects such as fashion shows, events, presentations, showcases and etc. Society Row provides this service.


We submit your headshots, measurements, demos, reels and other content, to casting director (or casting agency). This is where we contact a number of talent agencies, Talent agents, managers, designers, and etc.. We submit this content on a bi-weekly basis. The casting agency then selects the talent they feel are most suitable for the job based on their promo, such as headshots, demos, and reels. Then they schedule the actor and hold auditions for the director and producers.


We submit editorial and commercial content to publications. This is where we contact a number of various magazines to have various themed magazines with a huge social media. Our brand does this to allow additional exposure especially in the digital and social media industry and modeling industry. We also do this to help build individual portfolio with a wide array of images, maximizing on diversity- showing your range. We submit this content on a bi-weekly basis to monthly basis. In house shoots are elected by Society Row, we selects the Model we feel are most suitable for the job based on the vision of each shoot.


In House shoots are PhotoShoots, Video Reels, BTS and etc scheduled bi-weekly to monthly. Society Row provides full staff such a Hair, MakeUp, Photographer, Social Media, PR, Photographer, Videographer and etc. Once the content has been shoot we select the best images. Images are used for talent online and print portfolios as well as submission to casting directors/agencies, publications and etc.


Our workshops train our young and aspiring talent the fundamentals of modeling such as: etiquette, runway techniques, posing, photo shoots, how to prepare for auditions/go-sees, building a proper portfolio, self-confidence, makeup/skincare…and much more! We provide attendees valuable knowledge and skills in getting started the right way, which will increase your chances of booking more gigs as a model.


A comp card (also called composite card) is a marketing tool for talent. They serve as the latest and best of a talents portfolio and are used as a business card. All scholars will receive 10 comp cards per month. Comp cards are used at go-sees, castings, gigs, open calls and etc.


An all encompassing image consulting team. Talent will have Access to Society Row Glam Team to help bring projects to life for clients who aren’t able to provide all services needed to complete projects.