Creative Submission


At the heart of SocietyROW is a team of talented industry professionals who are passionate about their craft. Our team not only focuses on the connecting but also branding & development catered to each of our creatives needs as well as wants. Through this approach we are able to help with the advancement of each creatives career. At SocietyROW we are equipped with the insight, skills and innovative thinking to create lucrative opportunities with lasting results.


  • Makeup Artist

  • Hairstylist

  • Photographers

  • Stylist

  • Barbers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Videographers

  • Photo Retouchers

  • Social Media

Interested in joining SocietyROW? Complete a submission form below. Once we receive your form, we will review your information. All applicants will be assessed by their current work, experience and phone interview. Once these steps are completed an agent will get back to you shortly with the agency’s decision. Have you any questions do not hesitate in contacting us.

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