about us

SocietyROW is an-all-in one creative hub, located in NYC. We provide cost effective solutions to artist, brands, and businesses of all shapes, sizes, genres and audiences to unlock their true potential.

We specialize in content creation, branding, production, and visibility. Through our hands on approach; we gain deep insight into what audiences truly desire and how we can uniquely fulfill those desires. With the insight, skills, and creativity we produce innovative compelling content that takes their brand next level. Whatever the vision, we bring it to life.

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What We Do

Creativity goes way beyond just having a great eye. The only way to create great things is with talented people. Our team is composed of hand selected creative professionals who love what they do.

  • Makeup Artist

  • Stylist

  • Hairstylist/Groomers

  • Photographers

  • Videographers

  • Social Media

  • Graphic Designers/Photo Retouchers

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